Computer Aided Design – Not Just For Big Companies

Computer aided design software is used heavily by many different people. It is not only used by engineers anymore. Software developers and designers have made the graphical user interface easy enough for the average Joe to make use of this.




It is amazing what can be done now with the computer and software. Small mom and pop shops can use the software to show clients what the finished product might look like. For instance a landscape company has the use of computer aided design software to show the before and after images of what a particular landscape installation might look like.


In addition to the CAD usages of the software, developers have made use of photo imaging techniques and CAD. As mentioned earlier a landscaper for instance can show a presentation of a before and after Continue reading

Faster is Better

Have you ever worked in a fast-paced office environment? Have you ever had more than one deadline meeting up at the same time? Have you ever had a lot of work completed on a computer only to see a portion or all of it vaporize in front of your eyes when something crashes or goes wrong. Most of us have had something like that happen at one time or another. It is not fun to say the least.

Development Software

What has become standard practice is to have some type of a backup running as often as possible for your work. All of us have heard save often if you have work in an office for very long. I can remember multiple times when the power goes out in the building due to some unforeseen circumstance and you can hear everybody in their cubicles going ooooh. The ones that tended not to grown too much had just saved their information to their hard drive. But invariably there is somebody who has got a couple hours or more of seriously hard work just vanish right in front of their eyes.


Whenever that happened to me it always seems like it was on the day of some type of a presentation or design review or something like that where I needed to have my information and ducks all in a row. But it seems like that if your computer is going to crash or the powers going to go out that happens at the worst time possible. Moral of the story have some type of a backup system in place and backup continuously or as often as possible. Some companies require that you have backup software running on your computer so at worst you lose a day or half a day’s work. That makes a lot of sense considering the money and time is invested into creating whatever it is the company is creating.


Not only do most companies and businesses rely on computers extensively for their operation and survival they oftentimes require certain software to be used. Our experience has been that often times the software is less than stellar and is a result that the company started using it years ago and is kind of stuck with it. A lot of these software packages have grown to be really big and complex. Often times we don’t use the software on a daily basis so as to Continue reading